Faisalabad is called the manchester of Asia due to its Textile industry. There are many textile mills, factories and power looms. Textile is the life blood of faisalabad's economy, a big portion of faisalabad population attached directly or indirectly to the textile sector. many textile sector giants like Massod Textile, Interloop, Sapphire Textile, Amtex, Ibrahim Group, Nishat Group, Chenab and many more have their head offices in faisalabad.
A lot of textile finished goods export is carried through this city. which have major share in overall exports of Pakistan.

List of Textile Industries in Faisalabad
Name Address Phone Web Address
Ali Haider Textile Industries Dost Street, Samundri Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8732031
Abdul Rahman Corporation (Pvt) Ltd 3-km Jaranwala Road Khurrianwala Faisalabad. +92-41-8787760-62 www.arcmills.com, www.arc.com.pk
Arzoo Textile Mills Ltd Jaranwala Road, Khurrianwala, Faisalabad. +92-41-2619982, 2617434 www.arzoo.com
Al-Aziz Yarn Dyeing P-438, Samundary Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8733681
Al-Hussain Textile Industries Faisal Street, Summundri Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8738395
Amtex (Pvt) Ltd Khurrianwala, Faisalabad. +92-41-4361724-25 www.amtextile.com
Al-Barka Fabric (Pvt) Ltd 1-K.M. Jaranwala Road, Khurrianwala,fsd. +92-41-4360217-4361517
Arshed Corporation 1.5 Km Jaraanwala Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-4363708-09-12
Bashir Printing Industtries (Pvt) Ltd Sargodha Road, Bawa Chak, Faisalabad. +92-41-8868278-79 www.bashirtextiles.com
Bhatti Fabrics Ashraf Pura, Jhumra Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-718835
Batala Dyeing Maqbool Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8721371
Bismillah Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd Khurrianwala, Faisalabad. +92-41-2616640-41 www.bfl.com.pk
Bismillah Textile (Pvt) Ltd 1.Km, Jaranwala Road, Khurrianwala Fsd. +92-41-4360342, 4362636
M/s Baoo Jee Textiles Raja Ghulam Rasool Nagar, Faisalabad. +92-41-8555598
Crescent Textile Mills, Ltd Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8786401-8
Chaudhary Processing Ind (Pvt) Ltd Maqbool Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8717522
Cheenab Ltd Nasatabad, Sheikhpura Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8754472-76
Dawood Usman Industry Street No.4, Raza abad, Faisalabad. +92-41-2613246
Doab Textile Ind (Pvt) Ltd Raja Ghulam Rasool Nagar, Faisalabad. +92-41-8733243-8720935
Dawood Textile Printing Ind (Pvt) Ltd Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-2616534-2616634
Dawood Exports (Pvt) Ltd 7 km, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8586735-37 www.dawoodtex.com
Dawood Usman Textiles Nalka Kohala Stop, 9 Km Sargodha Road, FSD. +92-41-8810842
En-Em Industries Ltd 10.Km, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. 8868855-58 www.enemindustries.com
Fazal Dyeing & Finishing (Pvt) Ltd Gul Nawaz Road, Mai-dee-Juggi, Faisalabad. +92-41-8784911-8784931
Faisal Fabrics Ltd Jaranwala Road, Khurrianwala, Faisalabad. +92-41-4360010 www.faisalfabrics.com